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Best Way To Handle Lewd Content And Serious Story?

Posted by CatCouch - December 30th, 2020

What is the best way to handle putting together a more serious, fleshed out story with adult/erotic content?

I plan to focus a lot on my own original characters, like Annie the green fox lady, and flesh out a world for them to inhabit.

My greatest goal is to create my own world inhabited by characters people want to see more of as developed characters, and for what sexual shenanigans they are up to!

So, how best to handle this?


I have spent serious time over the years listening to critiques about sexual content.

A contradiction in critique I often see:

1. Adult content/fan service/sex appeal is viewed as damaging to a serious story.

2. Adult content/fan service/sex appeal is viewed as shallow and bad if it does not have a serious story.

This kind of critique tells me I will fail no matter what I do if I listen to it. The "please everyone" approach seems to be a difficult, if not impossible task.


I love erotic furry content and I want to bring what I enjoy to life in my own creations.

At the same time, I read critique about fan service in anime being off-putting or even harmful to some.

Anime and hentai are probably one of the closest topics to erotic furry art, so I look to them for inspiration!

A common response I see is to just remove "off-putting" content.

I love fan service anime! Why should I lose that?

Surely I can't be expected to just not make the fan service-y art I want to just to avoid issues with those who don't like it?

I feel like we are missing a piece of the puzzle here.

How can we come together and respect our different interests?


I want to appeal to people who like the same art as me, but I don't want to come off as uncaring or insensitive to others outside my interests, especially if there is a way to engage with more people and win them over!

I am open-minded and looking for a productive, healthy way to approach creating appealing erotic content in the furry realm~

This journal is pretty long. o.0

I wrote more you can read and respond to if you want on my Deviant Art journal here.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far, ha ha~

Have some Annie!




Personally I think fan service/sex scenes are a good thing in a well written story, only when they happen as in reality could (at the end of a nice date, as a "last present" during a birthday, etc..).
I don't hate "free" fan service but the thing is that's becoming like a clichè nowadays ("oh, his/her room is unlocked, let's peek! oh noes he/she's naked *insert enormous genitals here* ", "hey, how are you? MAD! Let's fuck to make you feel better"... )
All of that imho naturally, I'm not here to judge anything or anyone.

There's a lot of cliches with anime fan service that can get old, like punching a due for walking in on a lady, but I love the idea of sexy outfits, characters interacting in sexy/intimate ways that are not just in the bedroom. Characters being sexy because they are in an world where that is normal is what I like!

I feel like the characters should have relationships that build up, leading to those "juicy" scenes

Pleasing everyone is "lawful-chaotic" path, means nothing, leads to nowhere. I don't think it's a good way to go. Like modern Hollywood - maximize audience, minimize engagement, result is mediocre at best.
Guess I see what you want and I think there is no inherited antilogy between story and erotica. It's just good writing/directing vs bad writing/directing, simple as that. Then one side is much stronger and the other is bolted to it "just because", obviously strong side will be damaged by the latter and will cause irritation. Imagine a good movie being regularly interrupted by commercial segments, or joke without setup, or useless political comment. If characters are like -lets unravel this alien conspiracy-, and then -oh, we have free time, lets fuck-, obviously, story will be damaged and sex will not be appealing.
Sex is a logical result of chain of events and is mostly peak of relationship. If characters has strong relations(or will develop them) or when lured with justifiable set of events, at the right moment sex will fits just right. And don't forget about good amount of tease! Relationship development by itself could be a serious story and everything else is just a facade. Also sex is a form of reward, and reward is only good if you had fought for it, earned it. Even if there is no interactivity for viewer(i.e. comics, movie) it could be established as an overcome of some struggles, characters tensions etc.
P.S. Happy New Year!