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CatCouch's News

Posted by CatCouch - May 8th, 2024


Candrake is a dragon.

She's made out of candle wax with the top of her head and the tip of her tail lit.

What kind of scented candle does she smell like?

(Dragon Pussy. Probably that since it's a real scented candle, haha~)


Posted by CatCouch - April 3rd, 2022


I post art updates on my Patreon, so I should post some here, too!

I spent more than a year relearning how to art, ha ha~

Went back to the basics and started designing my own original project with Annie & The Mirror Goat!

I took inspiration from the things I love, like Elora from Spyro, Krystal from Star Fox and so on. I studied a lot of art and adult comics!

Trying to design new characters and learn how to handle color and expression in my art was hard!

Thank you so much for your patience as I get into a much more productive art cycle!

I am planning paintings, quick comics, and longer comics for my Annie art!

Will share more soon!


Posted by CatCouch - December 1st, 2021

PC issues knocked me out for about a month there. Oh no!

Replaced the Power Supply Unit and liquid cooling fans/radiator in my PC. New radiator came all bent and curved in the mail. Had to return it and wait longer. -.-

Now I am back on track with a PC that's bangin' cool and powered up!

I am currently working out how to make full painting comics to help establish Annie & The Mirror Goat!

Lots of sexy Annie art to come!

Annie and Maeven involuntarily entered No Nut November! Poor girls~


Posted by CatCouch - July 2nd, 2021

I've been working behind the scenes to improve

my art and create a more stable foundation for my future work!

What's next for CatCouch?

I am building up my "Annie & The Mirror Goat + Wildmons" project!

Lots of original characters inspired by all the

wonderful art I have made fan art for over the years!

I want a more stable brand for my art, one where

I am not relying on fan art (I will still draw fan art, though!).

I will be back with lots of art to post soon enough!

I probably need another month or so to gather all the WIP art I have and finish it all up.

Thank you all for the support over the years!


Posted by CatCouch - February 20th, 2021

A quick update!

I am working hard on my Annie & The Mirror Goat project!

I plan to take another month or so to get it ready for public release. (Release, hee hee)

I am setting up my original art for a stable Patreon I can promote as my own!

My plan is to have a few introduction illustration/comic pages to set the scene!


I also started a side project integrated into Annie & The Mirror Goat called Wildmon!

Wildmon (Wild Monsters) is my own version of Pokemon and other monster characters.

Nintendo doesn't want people drawing their pocket mons bumping uglies, so I will make my own!


I need some time to get this all in order so I might not post much art for a bit.

I need to focus to make this work!

How will I focus?

By taking the advice from this video!

Why the best artists don’t care what others think

Blender Guru:


This is important advice, especially for adult artists.

Do your thing and don't worry what others say.

Want to make horny art?

Make horny art!


Posted by CatCouch - February 7th, 2021

I have been working hard to revamp my art.

Time to improve my painting skills so I can detail lewd parts like a pro!

Soon I will launch my original art project: ANNIE & THE MIRROR GOAT!

I have a playlist on NG for it here!

I have spent the last year in a frustrating battle to better my art for this project!

I am going hard (ha!) on this~

I will be ready to reveal more in a while. Have some patience!


Why am I reworking my art now?

Let me break it down... with some advice! It's not legal advice, just observations.

It seems there are issues with DMCAs and Nintendo... again! Oh my! 0.0

I have not been hit, but this is an issue to prepare for~

I have gathered as much knowledge on this sticky situation (sticky, heh~) as I could over the years and have come to a few conclusions. Here's what I am doing:

---What the issue likely is:

The more you rely on Nintendo fan art, the higher the chance of getting DMCAs.

Quite a few big sites have been hit, like Twitter, Patreon and SubscribeStar.

Any site you make money on and any site Nintendo has official accounts on may be a fan art risk.

---What to do?

Don't rely on Nintendo fan art. Have original characters and a wider variety of fan art to diversify your portfolio of lewd butt stuff!

---Stop drawing Nintendo fan art?

NO! Just limit it how much you post at once or in a row.

Post those Pokeman buttholes on Fur Affinity, Newgrounds or Deviant Art, I am unaware of issues with sites like this.

If you post on risky sites, like Twitter, don't use any copyrighted or trademarked names.

Don't post a lot of fan art in a row.

The occasional fan art piece is not likely to be an issue, but if you post a 20 page Pokemon comic, you might get bonked and go to horny jail.

---I love my lewd Pokemans, though~

We all do! Try making some original characters inspired by mons that you can call your own!

Keep them distinct enough that they can't be claimed as fan art, but are familiar enough to scratch that fan itch.

---How I, the Cat on a Couch guy, will be handling this:

I will limit Pokeman art to one sketch a month and one full painting every two months.

Other Nintendo fan art I will draw as I feel.

Nintendo doesn't care about Krystal putting things in her butt as much as The Pokemon Company cares about pocket monstrosities.

Upcoming releases seem to factor in to what's targeted.

New Pokemon and Zelda announcements?

Higher chance of related fan art running into trouble.

No new Star Fox?

May mean no one is looking for lewd Krystal.

---I will focus on:

-My Annie & The Mirror Goat project. Fleshing out my original characters so everyone can enjoy them and their sexy adventures~

-A wider variety of fan art. Rouge the Bat, Loona from Helluva Boss, more Toriel etc~

-Improving my art and delivering sketches, comics and paintings!

---My Goal?

60% original art.

40% fan art.


I hope this clears up some issues and worries about fan art and how artists like me handle it.

False or real DMCA doesn't seem to matter, it ends the same.

Issues like this can be very tricky to navigate.

If you seek to find a concrete answer on what to do, you will get so many conflicting responses it can be discouraging.

Some people will tell you all fan art is illegal.

Some will say it's only when money is involved... until you get a DMCA on Twitter for posting a doodle of Midna.

Look at what happens around you and adjust as you see fit and you should be fine!

Stay safe out there and continue to enjoy what is important to you!


Posted by CatCouch - January 12th, 2021


November through December 2020 Art Pack!

Pledge to my $5 tier on my Patreon or buy on my Gumroad!



Twitter post with a larger image.


Reward Pack Contents:

1) Elora Winter Gems - 7 Female and 4 Equine Dong Versions

2) Winter Elora - 1 Comic Page

3) Cat Witch Slime Pleasure - 1 Comic Page with Vagina and Penis versions

4) Fenneko Office X-Mas Party - 1 Comic Page with Vagina and Balls versions

5) Give A Spooky Horse A Carrot (Spectrier) - 2 versions + extras

6) Getting Master's Attention (Lucario) - 1 Comic Page with Vagina and Penis versions

7) 2B Oil Explosion - 1 Comic Page

8) Chance-Y Encounter - 2 Versions

9) Annie Christmas - 1 Version

All art includes full resolution png files and WIP shots!


Thank you all so much for the support, it means everything to me!



Posted by CatCouch - December 30th, 2020

What is the best way to handle putting together a more serious, fleshed out story with adult/erotic content?

I plan to focus a lot on my own original characters, like Annie the green fox lady, and flesh out a world for them to inhabit.

My greatest goal is to create my own world inhabited by characters people want to see more of as developed characters, and for what sexual shenanigans they are up to!

So, how best to handle this?


I have spent serious time over the years listening to critiques about sexual content.

A contradiction in critique I often see:

1. Adult content/fan service/sex appeal is viewed as damaging to a serious story.

2. Adult content/fan service/sex appeal is viewed as shallow and bad if it does not have a serious story.

This kind of critique tells me I will fail no matter what I do if I listen to it. The "please everyone" approach seems to be a difficult, if not impossible task.


I love erotic furry content and I want to bring what I enjoy to life in my own creations.

At the same time, I read critique about fan service in anime being off-putting or even harmful to some.

Anime and hentai are probably one of the closest topics to erotic furry art, so I look to them for inspiration!

A common response I see is to just remove "off-putting" content.

I love fan service anime! Why should I lose that?

Surely I can't be expected to just not make the fan service-y art I want to just to avoid issues with those who don't like it?

I feel like we are missing a piece of the puzzle here.

How can we come together and respect our different interests?


I want to appeal to people who like the same art as me, but I don't want to come off as uncaring or insensitive to others outside my interests, especially if there is a way to engage with more people and win them over!

I am open-minded and looking for a productive, healthy way to approach creating appealing erotic content in the furry realm~

This journal is pretty long. o.0

I wrote more you can read and respond to if you want on my Deviant Art journal here.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far, ha ha~

Have some Annie!



Posted by CatCouch - October 31st, 2020


I am proud to present my Halloween 2020 Art Pack!

Available here for $5:

Patreon link!

Gumroad link!

Twitter post with a larger image.


Reward Pack Contents:

1) Foxy Broom Ride (Braixen) - 4 versions

2) Halloween Fox (Delphox) - 2 versions + 2 extras

3) Ka-Spooky-Zooie (Banjo-Kazooie) - 4 versions + 3 extras

4) Miriam Naked Halloween - 1 comic page 2 Versions

5) Punny Pumpkin (Lopunny) - 3 versions + 1 extra

6) Rena Ghost Encounter One - 1 comic page + 2 extra versions

7) Rena Ghost Encounter Two - 1 comic page + 2 extra versions

8) Toriel Cake Mom - 1 Version

9) Graveyard Bat Attack (Rouge) - 3 versions + 3 extras

All art includes full resolution png files and WIP shots!


Thank you so much for the support!




Posted by CatCouch - September 20th, 2020


My Patreon Reward Pack for JULY - SEPTEMBER 2020!

Also available on my Gumroad Store!

(Link to my Twitter with full size image)


Reward Pack contents:

Flirting with SCP-1471:

SCP-1471 (MalO) trying to flirt. She's very good at it.

9 versions + extras

Leg Up, Sun Down:

Exhibitionist wolf girl on a park bench.

9 versions + extras

Photoshop file with all individual parts on layers

Plush Quality Control:

Plush come to life! Complete with "modifications".

2 Versions + Turnaround

Isabelle "Swimming Belle":

Secretary Doggo goes swimming!

4 Versions + 4 Extra


Everyone's favorite mouse from that rescue show~

2 Versions

Delphox Sketch Page

Miriam's Mirror Portal 1-Page Comic

A Bunch Of Weekly Annie Sketches And Automatic Drawings!

Also includes full resolution art of other public art with some extra versions and WIP shots!


Thank you all so much for the support! I feel I am really improving my art! :3