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CatCouch's News

Posted by CatCouch - June 21st, 2020


My Patreon Reward Pack May-June 2020!

Also available on my Gumroad!

(Link to my Twitter with the full size image above!)


Reward Pack contents:

Pleasing A Legendary:

Pleasing a big legendary dragon girl is harder than it sounds.

10 versions + extras

Themes: Female Nudity / Object Insertion / Masturbation / Watersports (in alt image)

Home Run Flamingos:

Flamingos from Brand New Animal get very lewd on the Baseball field.

2 versions + extras

Themes: Female Nudity / Double-sided Dildo / Watersports (in alt image)

Renamon Butt Stack:

Renas stacked like pancakes!

3 versions + extras

Themes: Female Nudity / Male alts / Sex Toys / Watersports (in alt image)

Weekly Lewd Annie Sketches:

Lewd sketch comics and studies with Annie and Miriam!

6 pages.

Themes: Female Nudity / Tentacles / Sex Toys

Also includes full resolution art of other public art with some extra versions and WIP shots!


None of this would be possible without my patrons~



Posted by CatCouch - June 15th, 2020


Thank you do much for following my art! 2000 fans is amazing!

I will try my best to keep the fun lewds coming.

Being able to make this art means everything in the world to me. ^^


Posted by CatCouch - April 11th, 2020


My Patreon Reward Pack for March - April!

Also available on my Gumroad!

I will try advertising my Patreon in these news journals now.

I think that would be nicer than posting it in with my full art.

(Link to my Twitter with the fullsize above image.)


MARCH - APRIL 2020 Reward Pack contents:

Loona - Hellhound In Heat:

Loona is in heat. Rubbing on a pole should help relieve that!

1 page comic

Themes: Female Nudity / Exhibitionism / Masturbation.

Loona - Hellhound Shopping:

Shopping while in heat may make it hard not to stick fruit where it doesn't belong.

1 page comic. 2 alternate versions

Themes: Female Nudity / Anal / Masturbation / Vaginal / Watersports (in alt image).

Whitney's Bottomless Cafe:

Whitney from Animal Crossing showing off her booty and sticking to her stool.

3 versions. 2 alternate extra versions

Themes: Female Nudity / Crotch sticking to seat / Watersports (in alt image)

Naughty Annie:

My Fox Girl OC Annie wearing a micro bikini and sticking her favorite toy in her butt.

5 versions.

Themes: Female Nudity / Dildo / Anal / Squirting.

Cinderace Comic:

Cinderace wants to shower with master!

3 part comic. Separate male and female versions.

Themes: Female Nudity / Male Nudity / Butt Against Glass.

Flutter Not-So Shy:

Fluttershy nude!

1 Version.

Themes: Female Nudity

Annie Sketches:

Weekly sketches with Annie. Lots of themes from intersex/futa to googly eyes on vaginas.

7 pages


Thank you so much for reading!



Posted by CatCouch - October 27th, 2019

My Gum Road store is fully updated!

All My Patreon Reward Packs are available.


My April/May 2018 Pack is free with this link:


You can test how downloading art packs on my Gum Road works with this!

CatCouch April/May 2018 Patreon Reward Pack!

Series of images Include:

Muffet - 4 versions.

Midna - 9 sequential versions.

Midna Riding Wolf Link - 1 comic version / 1 solo version.

Harpy - 7 sequential versions.


Thank you for the support! It makes my art possible to create!


Posted by CatCouch - July 1st, 2019

Thank you so much for all the interest in my art! 1000 fans is a lot!

Newgrounds is proving to be a great place to post lewd art! I sincerely thank Newgrounds and all who view my art for making me feel welcome here. It really means a lot.

Here's to all the lewd art to come!


Posted by CatCouch - February 10th, 2019

I just want to thank everyone who followed me here and those who gave me a warm welcome! It means so much to me to see a site embrace adult art these days!

It's great to see all the changes to Newgrounds that are making it a better site to browse and enjoy art! I hope it keeps building up to greater heights!

I'll try my best to keep delivering as much art as I can!

Over 600 fans already!?

Thank you all!


Posted by CatCouch - November 21st, 2018

Hello! I'm CatCouch. I'm working on transitioning my art from a hobby to a career! There will be furry art. :3

With Tumblr threatening my ability to post fox butts, I have decided to try out Newgrounds! I have so many art accounts I'm juggling so what's one more? :D

This looks like a great site with a welcoming community. Thank you for having me aboard!