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CatCouch Art Revamp // Fan Art Advice!

Posted by CatCouch - February 7th, 2021

I have been working hard to revamp my art.

Time to improve my painting skills so I can detail lewd parts like a pro!

Soon I will launch my original art project: ANNIE & THE MIRROR GOAT!

I have a playlist on NG for it here!

I have spent the last year in a frustrating battle to better my art for this project!

I am going hard (ha!) on this~

I will be ready to reveal more in a while. Have some patience!


Why am I reworking my art now?

Let me break it down... with some advice! It's not legal advice, just observations.

It seems there are issues with DMCAs and Nintendo... again! Oh my! 0.0

I have not been hit, but this is an issue to prepare for~

I have gathered as much knowledge on this sticky situation (sticky, heh~) as I could over the years and have come to a few conclusions. Here's what I am doing:

---What the issue likely is:

The more you rely on Nintendo fan art, the higher the chance of getting DMCAs.

Quite a few big sites have been hit, like Twitter, Patreon and SubscribeStar.

Any site you make money on and any site Nintendo has official accounts on may be a fan art risk.

---What to do?

Don't rely on Nintendo fan art. Have original characters and a wider variety of fan art to diversify your portfolio of lewd butt stuff!

---Stop drawing Nintendo fan art?

NO! Just limit it how much you post at once or in a row.

Post those Pokeman buttholes on Fur Affinity, Newgrounds or Deviant Art, I am unaware of issues with sites like this.

If you post on risky sites, like Twitter, don't use any copyrighted or trademarked names.

Don't post a lot of fan art in a row.

The occasional fan art piece is not likely to be an issue, but if you post a 20 page Pokemon comic, you might get bonked and go to horny jail.

---I love my lewd Pokemans, though~

We all do! Try making some original characters inspired by mons that you can call your own!

Keep them distinct enough that they can't be claimed as fan art, but are familiar enough to scratch that fan itch.

---How I, the Cat on a Couch guy, will be handling this:

I will limit Pokeman art to one sketch a month and one full painting every two months.

Other Nintendo fan art I will draw as I feel.

Nintendo doesn't care about Krystal putting things in her butt as much as The Pokemon Company cares about pocket monstrosities.

Upcoming releases seem to factor in to what's targeted.

New Pokemon and Zelda announcements?

Higher chance of related fan art running into trouble.

No new Star Fox?

May mean no one is looking for lewd Krystal.

---I will focus on:

-My Annie & The Mirror Goat project. Fleshing out my original characters so everyone can enjoy them and their sexy adventures~

-A wider variety of fan art. Rouge the Bat, Loona from Helluva Boss, more Toriel etc~

-Improving my art and delivering sketches, comics and paintings!

---My Goal?

60% original art.

40% fan art.


I hope this clears up some issues and worries about fan art and how artists like me handle it.

False or real DMCA doesn't seem to matter, it ends the same.

Issues like this can be very tricky to navigate.

If you seek to find a concrete answer on what to do, you will get so many conflicting responses it can be discouraging.

Some people will tell you all fan art is illegal.

Some will say it's only when money is involved... until you get a DMCA on Twitter for posting a doodle of Midna.

Look at what happens around you and adjust as you see fit and you should be fine!

Stay safe out there and continue to enjoy what is important to you!



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